Special Facts

Incandescent Bulbs
Standard incandescent light bulbs produce light by passing an electric current through a filiment in a vacuum or gas-filled bulb. Incandescent light bulbs have low initial cost, good color rendition and excellent optical control.
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Halogen Lamps
Halogen light bulbs also use a filament; but because it is sealed in a pressurized capsule containing halogen gas, the lamp provides brighter, whiter light, longer service life and improved energy efficiency.
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Compact Fluorescent
Compact Fluoresent Lamps operate in the same way as larger fluoresent tubes. Some compact fluoresent lamps feature integral ballasts, which make it possible to use these products as direct replacements for inefficient incandesent light bulbs.
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Fluorescent Tubes
In a fluorescent lamp, an electric arc passing between cathodes in a tube excites mercury vapor and other gases and produces UV radiant energy. A phosphor coating on the tube then converts this energy to visible light. Fluorescent lamps are very efficient and provide a wide range of color temperatures. Ballasts must be used to operate fluoresent tubes.
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The electronic arc in any fluorescent system is generated by a ballast. The ballast starts the lamp, then limits its operating current and provides power factor correction. Modern electronic ballasts perform these functions with great efficiency and provide other control functions as well.
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High Intensity Discharge
In HID lamps, an arc passing between two cathodes in a pressurized tube causes various metallic additives to vaporize and release a large amount of light. All HID lamps offer outstanding energy efficiency and service life. Metal halide lamps also offer good to excellent CRI.
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LED Exit Lamps
LED retrofit kits turn inefficient, high maintenance incandescent exit signs into energy efficient, zero maintenance, long lasting LED signs.
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