Standard Transformers

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GoodMart sells standard transformers from Hatch for low voltage lighting. Hatch dimmable transformers feature a process that ensures the varnish will permeate through the entire unit prior to baking. The varnish protects the transformer from the environment and helps to dissipate heat, increases the life of the unit and eliminates noise and vibration. Select either 50W or 75W versions. 12 volt magnetic transformers are for hardwire applications.

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LS12-50 50W 12V Low Voltage Magnetic TransformerLS12-50 50W 12V Low Voltage Magnetic TransformerLS12-50Hatch Transformers$39.001
Open Coil 75W 12V Output 120V TransformerOpen Coil 75W 12V Output 120V TransformerLS12-75ENHatch Transformers$39.001
LS1250ENT-277 50W 12V Low Voltage Magnetic TransformerLS1250ENT-277 50W 12V Low Voltage Magnetic TransformerLS1250ENT-277Hatch Transformers$42.171
277V Operation Remote Step-Down Transformer277V Operation Remote Step-Down Transformer7997Lightolier Inc$189.001
PSU 10 Series 10W 24V Compact TransformerPSU 10 Series 10W 24V Compact TransformerPSU-10-24Acclaim Lighting Co.$42.001
75W 120/12V Electronic Transformer75W 120/12V Electronic TransformerLV75Liton Lighting Co.$28.501
Multiple Terminal BlockMultiple Terminal BlockMTB-01W.A.C Lighting Company$14.921
LS-50EN 50W 12V Low Voltage Magnetic TransformerLS-50EN 50W 12V Low Voltage Magnetic TransformerLS-50ENHatch Transformers$37.001

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