T5 Fluorescent Tubeguards

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GoodMart carries T5 Fluorescent Tubegaurds from Central Lighting Plastics and Louvers Intl. The tubes are made with polycarbonate and easily slip over fluorescent lamps to provide an economical and efficient safegaurd for employees, customers, products and equipment from fluorescent lamp breakage. Prevents phosphor dust and shattered glass from contaminating products and equipment. Available in blue, red, green, clear, yellow, smoke, purple and amber. Balancing color temperature or block harmful UV rays are available as features.

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FP28T5 Green TubeguardFP28T5 Green TubeguardTG5F28-GREENCentral Lighting Plastics$3.3924
FP28T5 Royal Blue Fluorescent TubeguardFP28T5 Royal Blue Fluorescent TubeguardTG5F28-RBCentral Lighting Plastics$4.921
FP28T5 Red Tube GuardFP28T5 Red Tube GuardTG5F28-REDCentral Lighting Plastics$3.3924
FP28T5 Clear TubeguardFP28T5 Clear TubeguardTG5F28-ClearCentral Lighting Plastics$2.3924
FP28T5 Clear Tubeguard, No EndcapsFP28T5 Clear Tubeguard, No EndcapsTG5F28-C-NECentral Lighting Plastics$2.04100
FP28T5 Yellow Tube GuardFP28T5 Yellow Tube GuardTG5F28-YellowCentral Lighting Plastics$3.3924
FP28T5 Smoke Tube GuardFP28T5 Smoke Tube GuardTG5F28-SmokeCentral Lighting Plastics$3.3924
FP28T5 Purple Tube GuardFP28T5 Purple Tube GuardTG5F28-PURPLECentral Lighting Plastics$3.3924
FP28T5 Amber Tube GuardFP28T5 Amber Tube GuardTG5F28-AMBERCentral Lighting Plastics$3.3924
T5 Tubeguard EndcapT5 Tubeguard EndcapT5-ENDCAPCentral Lighting Plastics$0.5948
Clear 5 ft. T5 Fluorescent Polycarbonate TubeguardClear 5 ft. T5 Fluorescent Polycarbonate TubeguardTG5F35-CCentral Lighting Plastics$3.1924
Royal Blue 5 ft. T5 Fluorescent Tube GuardRoyal Blue 5 ft. T5 Fluorescent Tube GuardTG5F35-RBCentral Lighting Plastics$3.8924
4 ft. Clear UV T5 Fluorescent Polycarbonate Tubeguard4 ft. Clear UV T5 Fluorescent Polycarbonate TubeguardTG5F28-UVCentral Lighting Plastics$8.3924
FP21T5 3 ft. Clear UV Fluorescent TubeguardFP21T5 3 ft. Clear UV Fluorescent TubeguardTG5F21-UVCentral Lighting Plastics$7.696
T5HO Fluorescent Tube GuardT5HO Fluorescent Tube GuardLI-T5-4C-HOLouvers Intl.$8.9512
FP35T5 Clear TubeguardFP35T5 Clear TubeguardTG5F35-ClearCentral Lighting Plastics$4.5012

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