Sound Level Meters

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GoodMart has a large selection of digital sound level meters for safety and compliance. Applications include monitoring workplace machinery, installing audio and alarm systems, and measuring environmental noise in industrial, commercial and outdoor settings. We also sell cable adapters for use with real time band analyzers and relay modules. Find quality hand held instruments manufactured by Extech and General Tools Corp.

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Sound Level Meter with NISTSound Level Meter with NISTDSM8922CGeneral Tools Corp.$398.001
Extech Digital Sound Level MeterExtech Digital Sound Level Meter407730Extech Instruments Corp.$89.991
407732 Type 2 Sound Level Meter407732 Type 2 Sound Level Meter407732Extech Instruments Corp.$199.991
407736 Type 2 Sound Level Meter407736 Type 2 Sound Level Meter407736Extech Instruments Corp.$279.991
SL130G Sound Level Alert with AlarmSL130G Sound Level Alert with AlarmSL130GExtech Instruments Corp.$269.991
Type 2 Sound Level Meter KitType 2 Sound Level Meter Kit407732-KITExtech Instruments Corp.$439.991
Sound Level CalibratorSound Level CalibratorSCAL1356General Tools Corp.$294.951
407730-NIST Digital Sound Level Meter407730-NIST Digital Sound Level Meter407730-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$214.991
407732-NIST Type 2 Sound Level Meter407732-NIST Type 2 Sound Level Meter407732-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$324.991
Analog Sound MeterAnalog Sound MeterASM8926General Tools Corp.$64.951
DSM8922 Digital Sound MeterDSM8922 Digital Sound MeterDSM8922General Tools Corp.$244.951
DSM8925 Digital Sound Meter With Jumbo DisplayDSM8925 Digital Sound Meter With Jumbo DisplayDSM8925General Tools Corp.$94.951
DSM325 Digital Sound MeterDSM325 Digital Sound MeterDSM325General Tools Corp.$144.951
407790 Real Time Octave Band Analyzer407790 Real Time Octave Band Analyzer407790Extech Instruments Corp.$3,799.001
HD600 Datalogging Sound Level MeterHD600 Datalogging Sound Level MeterHD600Extech Instruments Corp.$559.991
USB Cable AdapterUSB Cable AdapterUSB100Extech Instruments Corp.$40.991

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