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14-114HX14CHB-Z       1/4-20 ROD14-114HX14CHB-Z 1/4-20 RODBSMC14201Metallics Corp.$90.001
14-114HX38CHB-Z       3/8-16 ROD14-114HX38CHB-Z 3/8-16 RODBSMC38161Metallics Corp.$105.001
C1000C1000IT1000Metallics Corp.$61.501
6-32-38RHCMS-Z6-32-38RHCMS-ZBRM17Metallics Corp.$1.131
6-32-12RHCMS-Z6-32-12RHCMS-ZBRM80Metallics Corp.$1.201
6-32-34RHCMS-Z6-32-34RHCMS-ZBRM81Metallics Corp.$1.281
6-32-1RHCMS-Z6-32-1RHCMS-ZBRM63Metallics Corp.$1.431
6-32-114RHCMS-Z6-32-114RHCMS-ZBRM68Metallics Corp.$1.651
6-32-112RHCMS-Z6-32-112RHCMS-ZBRM82Metallics Corp.$1.801
6-32-2RHCMS-Z6-32-2RHCMS-ZBRM83Metallics Corp.$2.101
6-32-212RHCMS-Z6-32-212RHCMS-ZBRM140Metallics Corp.$2.851
6-32-3RHCMS-Z6-32-3RHCMS-ZBRM142Metallics Corp.$3.001
6-32-4RHCMS-Z6-32-4RHCMS-ZBRM144Metallics Corp.$3.151
8-32-38RHCMS-Z8-32-38RHCMS-ZBRM18Metallics Corp.$1.281
8-32-12RHCMS-Z8-32-12RHCMS-ZBRM84Metallics Corp.$1.351
8-32-34RHCMS-Z8-32-34RHCMS-ZBRM85Metallics Corp.$1.581
8-32-1RHCMS-Z8-32-1RHCMS-ZBRM86Metallics Corp.$1.881
8-32-114RHCMS-Z8-32-114RHCMS-ZBRM87Metallics Corp.$2.551
8-32-112RHCMS-Z8-32-112RHCMS-ZBRM88Metallics Corp.$2.631
8-32-2RHCMS-Z8-32-2RHCMS-ZBRM89Metallics Corp.$2.851
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