Respirator Filters and Cartridges

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Browse through our selection of respirator filters and cartridges from 3M and North Safety Products. We carry organic vapor/acid gas cartridges, formaldehyde/organic vapor cartridges, acid gas cartridges, mercury vapor/chlorine gas cartridges, particulate pre filters, amonia/methylamine cartridges, non-oil particulate filters, filter covers and holders and more. Used in a variety of applications including petrochemical, laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, as well as construction. When properly fitted, they help provide respiratory protection from certain organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide or hydrogen fluoride.

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Multi Gas/Vapor CartridgeMulti Gas/Vapor Cartridge60063M$12.691
Multi Gas/Vapor P100 CartridgeMulti Gas/Vapor P100 Cartridge609263M$26.391
Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge, 60 per CaseOrganic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge, 60 per Case6003/07047/AAD3M$360.001
Formaldehyde/Organic Vapor CartridgeFormaldehyde/Organic Vapor Cartridge60053M$14.251
Acid Gas P100 CartridgeAcid Gas P100 Cartridge609223M$24.991
Organic Vapor/Acid Gas P100 CartridgeOrganic Vapor/Acid Gas P100 Cartridge609233M$24.351
Acid Gas CartridgeAcid Gas Cartridge60023M$12.751
Organic Vapor P100 CartridgeOrganic Vapor P100 Cartridge609213M$24.001
Mercury Vapor/Chlorine Gas P100 Cartridge 60/CaseMercury Vapor/Chlorine Gas P100 Cartridge 60/Case609293M$943.001
P100 Particulate Pre FilterP100 Particulate Pre Filter70933M$194.000.017
Organic Vapor CartridgeOrganic Vapor Cartridge60013M$11.791
P100 Particulate Filter DiskP100 Particulate Filter Disk2091PA1-A3M$12.791
P100 Particulate Filter Disk Nuisance Acid Gas ReliefP100 Particulate Filter Disk Nuisance Acid Gas Relief20963M$9.851
Mercury Vapor/Chlorine Gas CartridgeMercury Vapor/Chlorine Gas Cartridge60093M$25.651
Ammonia/Methylamine CartridgeAmmonia/Methylamine Cartridge60043M$14.291
Ammonia/Methylamine  P100 CartridgeAmmonia/Methylamine P100 Cartridge609243M$27.591
P95 Particulate Pre FilterP95 Particulate Pre Filter5P71PB1-B3M$16.491
N95 Particulate Pre FilterN95 Particulate Pre Filter5N113M$15.991
P95 Particulate Filter DiskP95 Particulate Filter Disk20713M$4.391
P100 Particulate Filter Disk Nuisance Organic Vapor ReliefP100 Particulate Filter Disk Nuisance Organic Vapor Relief20973M$9.951
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