PAR and Reflector CFL Lamps

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GoodMart offers a large variety of PAR and Reflector CFL Lamps. These lamps provide energy savings and reduce operating costs without sacrificing quality of light compared to incandescent equivalents. Excellent color rendition and a broad range of color temperature options are available. Popular shapes such as PAR30, PAR38, R20, R40 GoodMart sells these lamps from top manufacturers such as Philips, Sylvania, Litetronics, Bulbrite and TCP.

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4W 2700K R20 Fluorescent Floodlight4W 2700K R20 Fluorescent Floodlight1R2004Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$3.561
9W 2700K R20 Fluorescent Flood Lamp9W 2700K R20 Fluorescent Flood Lamp1R2009Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$3.561
9W 3500K R20 Fluorescent Flood Lamp9W 3500K R20 Fluorescent Flood Lamp1R2009-35KTechnical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$6.911
14W 2700K R20 Fluorescent Floodlight14W 2700K R20 Fluorescent Floodlight1R2014Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$3.561
14W 2700K R20 Fluorescent Flood Light14W 2700K R20 Fluorescent Flood Light  Clearance1R2014Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$6.911
16W 2700K PAR38 Fluorescent Floodlight16W 2700K PAR38 Fluorescent Floodlight1P3816Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$9.611
19W 2700K PAR38 Fluorescent Floodlight19W 2700K PAR38 Fluorescent Floodlight2P3819Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$5.391
16W 3100K PAR30 CFL Reflector Lamp16W 3100K PAR30 CFL Reflector Lamp1P3016-31KTechnical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$9.531
23W 2700K R40 Fluorescent Floodlight23W 2700K R40 Fluorescent Floodlight1R4023Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$5.611
23W 2700K PAR38 CFL Lamp23W 2700K PAR38 CFL LampPF3823Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$6.311
16W 2700K PAR30 CFL16W 2700K PAR30 CFLPF3016Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$5.951
14W 2700K Flat Face PAR20 Fluorescent Flood Lamp14W 2700K Flat Face PAR20 Fluorescent Flood LampPF2014Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$10.451
Spiral-Lite 15W 2700K R30 Compact Fluorescent LampSpiral-Lite 15W 2700K R30 Compact Fluorescent LampL-15527R30Litetronics$5.761
ESL15BR30ESL15BR30ESL15BR30Feit Electric Inc$6.7412
EL/A PAR38 23WEL/A PAR38 23W456822Philips$17.101
EL/A R40 23W REFLECTOREL/A R40 23W REFLECTOR456814Philips$16.566
16W 4100K PAR30 Compact Fluorescent Lamp16W 4100K PAR30 Compact Fluorescent LampPF3016-41KTechnical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$11.611
EL/A R30 16W DIMM REFLECEL/A R30 16W DIMM REFLEC137075Philips$21.506
PAR38 2pc Soft White EL/A PAR38 23WPAR38 2pc Soft White EL/A PAR38 23W456848Philips$11.521

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