Megohmmeters and Insulation Testers

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Our digital megohmmeter insulation resistance testers check wires, cables, transformers and motors. These meters are rugged, durable and easy to use. Helps cut unscheduled downtime and reduce shock hazards. Digital, Analog and Hand cranked megohmmeters available. Choose from leading brands including Amprobe, Extech, General Tools Corp. and Ideal.

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Digital MegohmmeterDigital Megohmmeter380360Extech Instruments Corp.$249.991
Digital Insulation TesterDigital Insulation Tester380363Extech Instruments Corp.$289.991
Digital High Voltage Insulation TesterDigital High Voltage Insulation Tester380385Extech Instruments Corp.$1,029.001
Handheld 1000V Digital MegohmmeterHandheld 1000V Digital Megohmmeter380260Extech Instruments Corp.$249.991
ProbeMeter MegohmmeterProbeMeter Megohmmeter403360Extech Instruments Corp.$139.991
DIT360 Digital Insulation TesterDIT360 Digital Insulation TesterDIT360General Tools Corp.$294.951
61-797 Digital Insulation Meter61-797 Digital Insulation Meter61-797Ideal Industries, Inc.$719.671
61-795 Hand Held Digital Insulation Tester61-795 Hand Held Digital Insulation Tester61-795Ideal Industries, Inc.$494.481
380366 Insulation Tester and Datalogger380366 Insulation Tester and Datalogger380366Extech Instruments Corp.$509.001
915MHZ Wireless RMS MultiMeter Insulation Tester915MHZ Wireless RMS MultiMeter Insulation TesterMG300Extech Instruments Corp.$429.991
Wireless RMS MultiMeter Insulation Tester NISTWireless RMS MultiMeter Insulation Tester NISTMG300-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$629.991
433MHZ Wireless RMS MultiMeter Insulation Tester433MHZ Wireless RMS MultiMeter Insulation TesterMG302Extech Instruments Corp.$399.991
433MHZ Wireless RMS MultiMeter Insulation Tester NIST433MHZ Wireless RMS MultiMeter Insulation Tester NISTMG302-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$629.991

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