Low Voltage Halogen Transformers

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If you are looking for a transformer that has light weight, compact design and offers economical operation, the low voltage halogen transformer is a great choice. Many feature low harmonic distorsion, moisture resistance, emit no audible noise, and have a high power factor. Works with most commercially available dimmers. Use with low voltage track lighting and other systems. Visit our online store to purchase 12V and 24V halogen transformers from CSL, Fulham, GM Lighting, Halo, Hatch, Nora and many more.

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RS Series RS12-150 150W Low Voltage Electronic TransformerRS Series RS12-150 150W Low Voltage Electronic TransformerRS12-150Hatch Transformers$49.001
RS Series RS12-75 75W Low Voltage Electronic Transformer, Plastic CaseRS Series RS12-75 75W Low Voltage Electronic Transformer, Plastic CaseRS12-75NWHatch Transformers$19.891
VS21-150 150W Low Voltage Electronic TransformerVS21-150 150W Low Voltage Electronic TransformerVS21-150AFHatch Transformers$106.921
Abeo 60W 12V Electronic TransformerAbeo 60W 12V Electronic TransformerELTV-IV2CSL Lighting Inc.$32.001
TR 150W 12V Magnetic Transformer 120VTR 150W 12V Magnetic Transformer 120VTR150-120B-K Lighting Co.$189.001
MonoRail 300W Remote TransformerMonoRail 300W Remote Transformer700AT300TTech Lighting Co.$255.001
Linea 300W Remote Magnetic Power SupplyLinea 300W Remote Magnetic Power SupplyLV507-120-12-300WHalo$177.001
MonoRail 300W Remote Electronic TransformerMonoRail 300W Remote Electronic Transformer700AT300ELTech Lighting Co.$255.001
QTM Series 60W 12V Power Supply CenterQTM Series 60W 12V Power Supply CenterQTMS60MV-120/12-1X5-CK-SQ-Tran Inc.$559.001
VS12-150 150W Low Voltage Electronic TransformerVS12-150 150W Low Voltage Electronic TransformerVS12-150JHatch Transformers$105.001
Q6S 300W Low Voltage TransformerQ6S 300W Low Voltage TransformerQ6S-300DT-120/12-1X25-CK-S-WHQ-Tran Inc.$524.001
TW Series 200W Magnetic TransformerTW Series 200W Magnetic TransformerTW250Lightolier Inc$279.001
100W 12V Low Voltage Power Supply120V100W 12V Low Voltage Power Supply120VQ6S-100DT-120/12Q-Tran Inc.$339.001
100W 12V Low Voltage Transformer 277V100W 12V Low Voltage Transformer 277V100DT-277/12Q-Tran Inc.$244.001
300W 12V Remote Transformer300W 12V Remote TransformerNET-300/SLNora Lighting$171.541
QT500 Toroid Power SupplyQT500 Toroid Power SupplyQT500-5030Q-Tran Inc.$795.001
MonoRail 12V 600W Remote Magnetic TransformerMonoRail 12V 600W Remote Magnetic Transformer700AT600TTech Lighting Co.$310.001
QTM Series 150W 24V Power Supply CenterQTM Series 150W 24V Power Supply CenterQTMS150MV-120/24-1X10-CK-SQ-Tran Inc.$550.001
QTM Series 600W 12V Power Supply CenterQTM Series 600W 12V Power Supply CenterQTMS600MV-120/12-2X25-CK-LQ-Tran Inc.$769.001
QTM Series 100W 12V Power Supply CenterQTM Series 100W 12V Power Supply CenterQTMS100MV-120/12-1X10-CK-SQ-Tran Inc.$559.001
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