Electrical Lockouts

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Electrical lockouts are easy to install and most require no tools for installation. We carry a large selection of electrical lockouts including universal multi-pole, single pole breaker lockouts, cleats, plug locks, safety lockout hasps, hinged single pole breakers, fuse lockouts, breaker lockout systems, universal wall switch lockouts, labeled safety lockouts and circuit breaker lockouts with tall and wide toggles. All lockouts come from Ideal Industries.

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44-783 Universal Multi-Pole Lockout44-783 Universal Multi-Pole Lockout44-783Ideal Industries, Inc.$16.251
44-807 480/600V Single-Pole Breaker Lockout44-807 480/600V Single-Pole Breaker Lockout44-807Ideal Industries, Inc.$19.281
44-785 Cleat for 277V-General Use44-785 Cleat for 277V-General Use44-785Ideal Industries, Inc.$9.601
44-823 Large Breaker Lockout44-823 Large Breaker Lockout44-823Ideal Industries, Inc.$25.801
44-818 Plug Lock 110V44-818 Plug Lock 110V44-818Ideal Industries, Inc.$27.181
44-819 Plug Lock 220/250V44-819 Plug Lock 220/250V44-819Ideal Industries, Inc.$30.201
44-782 Electric Plug Lockout44-782 Electric Plug Lockout44-782Ideal Industries, Inc.$28.351
44-789 Wall Switch Lockout44-789 Wall Switch Lockout44-789Ideal Industries, Inc.$19.001
44-801 Safety Lockout Hasp44-801 Safety Lockout Hasp44-801Ideal Industries, Inc.$33.181
44-786 Cleat for 480V/600V - General Use44-786 Cleat for 480V/600V - General Use44-786Ideal Industries, Inc.$8.081
44-800 Safety Lockout 1 Inch Jaw44-800 Safety Lockout 1 Inch Jaw44-800Ideal Industries, Inc.$39.451
44-809 Universal 277V Single-Pole Breaker Lockout44-809 Universal 277V Single-Pole Breaker Lockout44-809Ideal Industries, Inc.$51.781
44-810 Hinged Single-Pole Breaker Lockout44-810 Hinged Single-Pole Breaker Lockout44-810Ideal Industries, Inc.$30.471
44-815 Fuse Lockout Device44-815 Fuse Lockout Device44-815Ideal Industries, Inc.$32.621
44-822 480/600V BREAKER LOCKOUT SYSTEM44-822 480/600V BREAKER LOCKOUT SYSTEM44-822Ideal Industries, Inc.$51.471
44-772 Universal Wall Switch Lockout44-772 Universal Wall Switch Lockout44-772Ideal Industries, Inc.$17.071
44-792 Labeled Safety Lockout, Gold44-792 Labeled Safety Lockout, Gold44-792Ideal Industries, Inc.$23.431
44-793 Labeled Safety Lockout, Silver44-793 Labeled Safety Lockout, Silver44-793Ideal Industries, Inc.$17.681
44-956 Circuit Breaker Lockout, Tall and Wide Toggles44-956 Circuit Breaker Lockout, Tall and Wide Toggles44-956Ideal Industries, Inc.$18.701

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