Current Transformers

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GoodMart offers current transformers from Dent Instruments and Littelfuse for your critical applications. Ideal for low current sensitivity. Features internal precision burden resistor across secondary, 8 foot twisted pair leads, epoxy encapsulated housing shrouded core blades for protection during installation, core interleaved at joints for accuracy and phase angle measured at 50 percent of rated current. Available in small, medium and large. We also sell clamp on current transformers.

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High Accuracy 0.50-7A Current TransformerHigh Accuracy 0.50-7A Current TransformerCT-SHS-0005Dent Instruments$219.001
Small Split Core 5-65A Current TransformerSmall Split Core 5-65A Current TransformerCT-SCS-0050Dent Instruments$98.901
Small Split Core 10-130A Current TransformerSmall Split Core 10-130A Current TransformerCT-SCS-0100Dent Instruments$98.901
Medium Split Core 10-130A Current TransformerMedium Split Core 10-130A Current TransformerCT-SCM-0100Dent Instruments$109.001
Medium Split Core 20-260A Current TransformerMedium Split Core 20-260A Current TransformerCT-SCM-0200Dent Instruments$109.001
Medium Split Core 40-520A Current TransformerMedium Split Core 40-520A Current TransformerCT-SCM-0400Dent Instruments$109.001
Medium Split Core 60-780A Current TransformerMedium Split Core 60-780A Current TransformerCT-SCM-0600Dent Instruments$109.001
Large Split Core 60-780A Current TransformerLarge Split Core 60-780A Current TransformerCT-SCL-0600Dent Instruments$129.001
Large Split Core 100-1200A Current TransformerLarge Split Core 100-1200A Current TransformerCT-SCL-1000Dent Instruments$129.001
150 Amp Clamp On Current Transformer 0.7 Inch (18mm) Round Opening150 Amp Clamp On Current Transformer 0.7 Inch (18mm) Round OpeningCT-CON-0150Dent Instruments$179.001
500A Clamp On Current Transformer500A Clamp On Current TransformerCT-CON-0500Dent Instruments$209.001
Unterminated 1000 Amp Clamp On Current Transformer with 2 Inch (52mm) Jaw OpeningUnterminated 1000 Amp Clamp On Current Transformer with 2 Inch (52mm) Jaw OpeningCT-CON-1000-UDent Instruments$274.001
Flexible Current Sensor 300/3000A UnterminatedFlexible Current Sensor 300/3000A UnterminatedCT-FLN-3000-UDent Instruments$497.001
1000A Clamp On Current Transformer with 2 in. Jaw1000A Clamp On Current Transformer with 2 in. JawCT-CON-1000-BDent Instruments$359.001
PGC-4160 Current TransformerPGC-4160 Current TransformerPGC-4160Littelfuse Inc.$362.001
PGC-4210 Current TransformerPGC-4210 Current TransformerPGC-4210Littelfuse Inc.$498.001
PGC-4108 Current TransformerPGC-4108 Current TransformerPGC-4108Littelfuse Inc.$280.001

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