4-Pin CFL

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GoodMart has one of the largest selections of 4 Pin CFL lamps. Choose double tube, triple tube or quad CFL. These energy saving lamps also come in a broad range of color temperatures and wattages. From top manufacturers such as Philips, Sylvania, GE and Halco lighting, you are guaranteed to find the perfect four pin fluorescent bulb for you. Use with fluorescent fixtures that incorporate a ballast.

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PL-T 32W/835/4P/ALTOPL-T 32W/835/4P/ALTO268334Philips$9.531
PL-C 13W/830/4P/ALTOPL-C 13W/830/4P/ALTO383265Philips$6.801
PL-C 26W/835/4P/ALTOPL-C 26W/835/4P/ALTO383364Philips$7.681
PL-L 40W/835/4P RS/ISPL-L 40W/835/4P RS/IS300434Philips$9.181
PL-T XEW 42W/841/4P ALTO 33WPL-T XEW 42W/841/4P ALTO 33W220293Philips$12.221
PL-C 18W/835/XEW/4P/ALTO 14WPL-C 18W/835/XEW/4P/ALTO 14W220400Philips$10.471
PL-C 18W/827/4P/ALTOPL-C 18W/827/4P/ALTO383299Philips$7.621
PL-L 36W/835/4PPL-L 36W/835/4P349423Philips$10.601
PL-C 18W/835/4P/ALTOPL-C 18W/835/4P/ALTO383323Philips$7.621
PL-C 26W/830/4P/ALTOPL-C 26W/830/4P/ALTO383356Philips$7.681
PL-T 26W/835/A/4P/ALTOPL-T 26W/835/A/4P/ALTO458265Philips$9.501
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