2-Pin CFL

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2 Pin CFL lamps are long-life, energy-saving fluorescent alternatives to incandescent lamps. Many of these lamps offer a reduction in greenhouse gas and mercury emissions. Choose our large stock of two pin CFL lamps manufacturers like Philips, Sylvania and TCP. Applications range any recessed downlights, wall washers and decorative lighting to wall sconce corridor lights, security fixtures and general lighting. Use with fixtures that incorporate a fluorescent ballast.

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PL-C 13W/835/USA/2P/ALTOPL-C 13W/835/USA/2P/ALTO383125Philips$8.0210
PL-C 13W/841/USA/2P/ALTOPL-C 13W/841/USA/2P/ALTO383133Philips$8.0210
PL-S 7W/841/2P/ALTOPL-S 7W/841/2P/ALTO148734Philips$3.051
PL-C 26W/827/2P/ALTOPL-C 26W/827/2P/ALTO383216Philips$7.2310
PL-C 26W/830/2P/ALTOPL-C 26W/830/2P/ALTO383224Philips$7.231
PL-C 18W/835/2P/ALTOPL-C 18W/835/2P/ALTO383182Philips$7.1910
PL-C 18W/841/2P/ALTOPL-C 18W/841/2P/ALTO383190Philips$7.1810
PL-S 9W/835/2P ALTOPL-S 9W/835/2P ALTO148692Philips$2.561
PL-S 13W/827/2P/ALTOPL-S 13W/827/2P/ALTO146811Philips$4.081
PL-S 13W/830/2P/ALTOPL-S 13W/830/2P/ALTO146837Philips$2.561
PL-S 13W/835/2P/ALTOPL-S 13W/835/2P/ALTO146845Philips$4.081
PL-S 13W/841/2P/ALTOPL-S 13W/841/2P/ALTO146852Philips$4.081
PL-C 15MM/22W/27PL-C 15MM/22W/27204781Philips$31.901
13 Watt 5000K Twin Tube Compact Fluorescent GX23 Lamp13 Watt 5000K Twin Tube Compact Fluorescent GX23 Lamp32013-50KTechnical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$1.661

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