Lumark QD Quadcast Occupancy Sensor

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The patent pending Lumark Quadcast Parking Garage/Canopy Luminaire is an industry leading, innovative, energy saving fixture. Quadcast is designed to one-for-one replace traditional HID, fluorescent and induction light sources. Rotating light panels incorporate an integral locking feature for precise aiming from 0 to 150. Quadcast offers seamless integration into existing or new spaces with super bright energy-efficient LEDs. The low-profile, rugged construction, free-hand installation features along with stainless-steel hardware make Quadcast the right choice for illuminating parking garages, canopy, stairwells and low-bay retail installations where high security illumination and energy savings is needed.

QD Quadcast Occupancy Sensor
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Product Name: QD Quadcast Occupancy Sensor

Product #: QDOCC

Manufacturer: Lumark

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