Ideal Ductile Iron Bender Head for 1/2 in. EMT Conduit, 1/2 EMT BENDER

Product Info

Ductile iron construction for added durability; Heat-treated for extra strength reinforced at stress points for longer life; Precision-located degree scale, star, arrow and rim notch for perfect bends every time; Markings raised and cast into bender body on both sides for easy visibility; Deeply serrated step helps prevent slippage when applying maximum leverage; Grooved internal hook surface helps prevent conduit from slipping; Flat hook surface provides stable starting point; Lifetime replacement guarantee

74-001 Iron Bender 1/2 Inch EMT
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Product Name: 74-001 Iron Bender 1/2 Inch EMT

Product #: 74-001

Manufacturer: Ideal Industries, Inc.

Order increment is 1

Please call us at (212) 792-0210 to order


Conduit Size: 1/2 inch

Conduit Type: EMT

Ordering Abbreviation: DUCTILE IRON BNDR 1/2 IN EMT

Product Type: BENDERS

UPC CODE: 783250740017


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