Ideal 16 in. Dual-Purpose Hacksaw with 12 in. x 24T Blade

Product Info

Use as conventional hacksaw or as jab saw to enlarge holes; Rugged frame provides lightweight rigidity and exceptional control; Stores up to nine extra blades; Blades can be adjusted to 55 degree angle for flush cutting; Includes 12 inch x 24 teeth per inch bi-metal blade

35-260 16 in. Hacksaw
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Product Name: 35-260 16 in. Hacksaw

Product #: 35-260

Manufacturer: Ideal Industries, Inc.

Order increment is 1

Please call us at (212) 792-0210 to order


Ordering Abbreviation: HACKSAW(COMBINATION)

Product Type: HOLE-MAKING

Size: 16 inch

UPC CODE: 783250352609


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