Ideal Cable Splicing Kit with Scissors, Splicing Knife, Leather Holder

35-093 Scissors Knife Holder Kit
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Product Name: 35-093 Scissors Knife Holder Kit

Product #: 35-093

Manufacturer: Ideal Industries, Inc.


Unit of Measure: Each (1)

Our Price/Unit: $67.92

Quantity of Units/Case: 1

Minimum Quantity of Cases to Order: 1

Your Price: $67.92

Electricians Scissors with stripping notches strip #19 AWG and #23 AWG wire; High-carbon steel blade Cable Splicing Knife; Durable leather holder.

Cable Geometry: Round, Flat

Cable Type: Solid Wire, Stranded Wire

Ordering Abbreviation: SCISSOR / KNIFE KIT

Product Type: CUTTERS

UPC CODE: 783250350933

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