Ideal 31-092 Zoom 100 ft. Fish Tape, ZOOM FISH TAPE - 100FT

Product Info

100 foot length; Translucent impact-resistant case shows precisely how much tape is left; Unique non-slip handle with fingertip grooves provide sure handling even while wearing gloves. 1 year warranty; Up down over or around - omni-directional round cable design simplifies pulls with superior snaking capabilities and would not get caught no matter how many twists and turns; Radial steel core (twisted not braided) wires feature high molecular density outer jacket; Easy-in easy-out case refills quickly.

31-092 Zoom 100 ft. Fish Tape
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Product Name: 31-092 Zoom 100 ft. Fish Tape

Product #: 31-092

Manufacturer: Ideal Industries, Inc.

Order increment is 1

Please call us at (212) 792-0210 to order


End Type: Eyelet

Nominal Length (in): 100 feet

Ordering Abbreviation: ZOOM FISHTAPE 100 FT.W/EYELET

Product Type: FISH TAPES

UPC CODE: 783250310920

Warranty: 1 year


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