General Tool 20 Piece Carving Knife and Blade Set

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The 20 Piece Knife and Carving Set includes two distinct Versa-Grip handle sizes a slender, 700 series handle for making finer cuts and a larger, 750 series for those tough, heavy-duty surfaces. This comprehensive set also includes 9 interchangeable blade types, each designed to perform a specific cutting operation. Both handles are equipped with a locking screw chuck to hold the blades firmly in place, and also accept all industry standard knife blades. Includes a zippered case for storage. A complete set for both fine and heavy-duty cutting. Includes 2 Versa-Grip handles - 700 and 750 series. Includes 18 blades: 2 of #11 Sharp Angle, 2 of #17B 1/4 Chisel, 2 of #22 Long Radius, 2 of #23 Short Angle, 2 of #28 Reverse Curve, 2 of #153 3/16 V-Gouge, 2 of #154 3/8 V-Gouge, 2 of #155 3/8 U-Gouge, 2 of #156 3/32 U-Gouge. Slender handle with rolling head facilitates cutting of angles and curves.

20 Piece Carving Knife and Blade Set
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Product Name: 20 Piece Carving Knife and Blade Set

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Manufacturer: General Tools Corp.

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