Extech RT30 Wireless AC Circuit Identifier (914MHz) with External Probe

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Simplify mid-run wiring jobs by easily identifying the correct circuit powering the cable to be spliced or repaired. The innovative RT30 combines non-contact voltage detection with wireless signals to monitor and remotely report the presence of voltage on a wire. Clamped onto a live wire, the transmitter signals the user at the breaker panel with LED and audible alerts on the receiver (up to 100m range). The alerts stop when the correct circuit breaker is switched and work can then be performed safely. Eliminates the need for an assistant or back-and-forth trips to confirm the correct circuit is powered down. The RT30s clamp-style probe accessory is ideal for wires that are hard to isolate or reach. Plus, easily identify lighting and outlet circuits with the built-in light sensor. Includes transmitter, receiver, remote clamp-style probe, four AAA batteries, and pouch case.

RT30 Wireless AC Circuit Identifier with Probe
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Product Name: RT30 Wireless AC Circuit Identifier with Probe

Product #: RT30

Manufacturer: Extech Instruments Corp.

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