Unison Aero Wireless PIR Occupancy Sensor

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No more wasting light on an empty room. The Aero SimpleTap Occupancy Sensor can turn lights on automatically when it detects motion, and turn them off when it senses a lack of movement. The Sensor can also work with the control station to provide manualOn/auto-Off functionality, so you choose when the lights switch on without worrying that youll forget to turn them off when you leave. The SimpleTap Occupancy Sensor captures and stores available light, allowing it to operate for up to 90 hours in complete darkness. It can be affixed to any surface using tape or screws, so you can place it wherever its needed most.

Wireless PIR Occupancy Sensor
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Product Name: Wireless PIR Occupancy Sensor

Product #: UAOS-5

Manufacturer: ETC

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