Telkonet EcoSource Wireless HVAC Controller

EcoSource Wireless HVAC Controller
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Product Name: EcoSource Wireless HVAC Controller

Product #: SS6500

Manufacturer: Telkonet

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The EcoWave solution is comprised of two hardware components: the EcoAir battery powered display unit and the EcoSource wireless HVAC controller. The EcoSource is placed in the HVAC unit for physical control of the system. The EcoAir display can be placed in the optimum location for both temperature measurement and ease of occupant use. There are no restrictions based on where existing thermostat wire has been run or if there are enough conductors. The EcoWave system can be configured for many different HVAC scenarios. It can control multiple HVAC systems each with an EcoSource, but all directed by a single EcoAir display unit. This type of setup reduces the complexity of running multiple HVAC units in a single large space and worrying about opposing modes competing against each other. The EcoWave functionality adds increased usability, extra efficiency, and component cost savings to conference rooms or large room suites. Multiple EcoAir display units in different areas of a building would allow each individual area the ability to make setpoint changes to control a single EcoSource on a larger HVAC system. Together, the EcoWave components form a wireless programmable controllable thermostat (PCT) with over 125 configurable settings used to control the efficiency of HVAC systems. It can be easily installed on packaged terminal air conditioners, fan coils, heat pumps, split systems, and more. With software-based relay control and fan speed configuration, programming setup is simple and fast.

Industry Standards: UL, FCC, ZigBee

Type of Current: Zigbee/802.15.4 Wireless

Voltage: 12-277AC 12-40DC

Watts: 2.5W (Maximum Functional Wattage)

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