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Ideal WingTwist Yellow WIRE-NUT Connector WT-51

Product Info

PRICE PER CASE SHOWN ABOVE IS FOR 1,000 WIRE-NUT Connectors. Accepts 2 #18 to 3 #12 AWG wire combinations. Rated for 600 Volt maximum. 1000 pieces.
WT-51 WingTwist Yellow WIRE-NUT Connector
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Product Name: WT-51 WingTwist Yellow WIRE-NUT Connector

Product #: WT51-1

Manufacturer: Ideal Industries, Inc.

Your cost per Hundred (100): $12.56

Order increment is 1000

Your cost per 1000: $125.60

Tech Specs

Clamp Type: Spring

Color: Yellow

Ordering Abbreviation: WINGTWIST WT51-1 (1,000 STDPK)

Pack: 1000

Product Type: WING TWIST

UPC CODE: 781789611006


--> Ideal Industries, Inc. - 45-120 T-5 Stripper

Price valid as of 4/19/2024. Buy online or check for current price.