Ideal 30-372 PowerPlug Luminaire Disconnect, 25/Pack

30-372 PowerPlug Luminaire Disconnect
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Product Name: 30-372 PowerPlug Luminaire Disconnect

Product #: 30-372

Manufacturer: Ideal Industries, Inc.


Unit of Measure: Each (1)

Our Price/Unit: $1.95

Quantity of Units/Case: 1

Minimum Quantity of Cases to Order: 1

Your Price: $1.95

The first push-in disconnect to meet the new CEC and NEC code changes for non-residential fluorescent luminaires with ballasts. Perfect for OEM or retrofit lighting applications. The PowerPlug was also designed to be touch-safe and meets UL2459 and CSA 182.3 finger probe safety requirements. The PowerPlug also offers innovative push-in technology on solid and stranded wire. This push-in feature does not require tools and enables quick connections, resulting in labor cost benefits.

Contact Type: Copper alloy

Current (A): 3A 120V, 1.3A 277V, 1A 347V, .75A 480V, .6A 600V

Housing: Nylon

Industry Standards: UL 2459, CSA 182.3, RoHS Compliant

UPC CODE: 783250656820

Wire/Cable Size: 12 AWG - 18 AWG Solid, 12 AWG - 14 AWG Stranded

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