Gripple 3/4 in. 6MM Thread Adaptor No. 1-3

6 mm. Thread Adaptor
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Product Name: 6 mm. Thread Adaptor


Manufacturer: Gripple Inc.

Unit of Measure: Each (1)

Our Price/Unit: $0.74

Quantity of Units/Case: 10

Minimum Quantity of Cases to Order: 1

Your Price per Case: $7.40

The Threaded Adaptors are available in two sizes M6 and M8 and come complete with a fastening nut. M6 x 20mm designed for use with No.1 3 Gripple Hangers with a maximum safe working load of 90kg at 5:1 safety factor. M8 x 25mm designed for use with No.1 4 Gripple Hangers with a maximum safe working load of 225kg at 5:1 safety factor. The Threaded Adaptors are ideal for fixing suspended services such as light fittings, cable tray, busbar, trunking and ductwork. Indeed, any service which has a 6mm or 8mm hole, in either the support bracket or the product itself, can be suspended using this adaptor. The wire rope is simply threaded through the hole in the head of the adaptor. It can also be used ftupside downft in the ceiling of a building, utilizing a 6mm or 8mm expansion anchor, or using the supplied nut through a metal bracket or beam.

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