General Tools LED 3-in-1 Stud, Voltage and Metal Detector

LED 3-in-1 Stud, Voltage and Metal Detector
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Product Name: LED 3-in-1 Stud, Voltage and Metal Detector

Product #: MSV250

Manufacturer: General Tools Corp.


Unit of Measure: Each (1)

Our Price/Unit: $34.49

Quantity of Units/Case: 1

Minimum Quantity of Cases to Order: 1

Your Price: $34.49

Ideal for Locating Studs, Objects/Wires Carrying Voltage, Hidden Metal. The lightweight, easy to use MSV250 LED 3 in 1 Stud, Voltage and Metal Detector uses 4 level, low power consuming, light emitting diodes to precisely indicate objects when the unit is moved along a wall, ceiling or floor surface. Hidden metals and wiring can be detected accurately by switching between the metal and voltage selectors. Users can also search for wood studs while operating the metal or voltage detector simultaneously. Stud, Voltage and Metal Detection combined in one unit. 4 level low power consuming LEDs indicate precise stud detection. Metal/Voltage Selector Switch provides accuracy in detecting hidden metal or wiring. Stud Detector can be operated with Metal or Voltage Detector simultaneously. Easy to distinguish between battens/studs, metal pipes/tubes or objects carrying voltage. No probe necessary.

Battery: 9V

Length: 6.1 in.

UPC CODE: 681035012765

Weight: 6.3 oz.

Width: 2.6 in.

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