Torpedo Bulbs

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60W 120V Clear Torpedo Candelabra Lamp60W 120V Clear Torpedo Candelabra Lamp01395Sunlite Lighting$0.6425
25C11S25C11S100210Halco Lighting$1.8925
BC-25BA9C/CL 12VBC-25BA9C/CL 12V138230Philips$2.556
DuraMax Deco 60W Cand 120V BA9 FR 2BCDuraMax Deco 60W Cand 120V BA9 FR 2BC168054Philips$1.741
BC40BA9C/LL 120V 6/2BC40BA9C/LL 120V 6/2168070Philips$1.886
BC60BA9C/LL 120V 6/2BC60BA9C/LL 120V 6/2168088Philips$1.886
BC40BA9C/3FLL 120V 6/2BC40BA9C/3FLL 120V 6/2168096Philips$1.536
BC40B10-1/2C/CL/LL 120VBC40B10-1/2C/CL/LL 120V168252Philips$1.676
BC60B10-1/2C/CL/LL 120VBC60B10-1/2C/CL/LL 120V168260Philips$1.756
CFF40CFF402007Halco Lighting$1.7925
3W Flicker CA-10 Candelabra Lamp3W Flicker CA-10 Candelabra Lamp2008Halco Lighting$1.4925
3W Flicker Candelabra Lamp3W Flicker Candelabra Lamp2502Halco Lighting$1.2425
25CTC/E1425CTC/E14400425Bulbrite Corporation$1.2925
40CTC/E1440CTC/E14400440Bulbrite Corporation$1.1925
25CTC/HV25CTC/HV400525Bulbrite Corporation$1.2425
40CTC/HV40CTC/HV400540Bulbrite Corporation$1.1925
60CTC/HV60CTC/HV400560Bulbrite Corporation$1.5925
40CTC/E14/HV40CTC/E14/HV400640Bulbrite Corporation$1.3425
25CTF/E1425CTF/E14401425Bulbrite Corporation$1.2925
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