Tool Carriers

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 ImageProduct NameProduct CodeManufacturerPrice
Premium 2 in. Roller Buckle Black Leather BeltPremium 2 in. Roller Buckle Black Leather Belt35-995BLKIdeal Industries, Inc.$47.831
35-462 Journeyman Electricians Tote35-462 Journeyman Electricians Tote35-462Ideal Industries, Inc.$83.101
35-410 Large Mouth Tool Bag35-410 Large Mouth Tool Bag35-410Ideal Industries, Inc.$50.831
35-427 Large Mouth Bag 18 Inch35-427 Large Mouth Bag 18 Inch35-427Ideal Industries, Inc.$64.531
35-441 Master Electricians Tote35-441 Master Electricians Tote35-441Ideal Industries, Inc.$91.501
35-505 PocketPal Tool Carrier35-505 PocketPal Tool Carrier35-505Ideal Industries, Inc.$16.231
35-474 Supplies Apron35-474 Supplies Apron35-474Ideal Industries, Inc.$6.881
35-950BLK Tuff-Tote Tool Pouch Black35-950BLK Tuff-Tote Tool Pouch Black35-950BLKIdeal Industries, Inc.$183.871
35-402 Zipper Bag 10.5 Inch35-402 Zipper Bag 10.5 Inch35-402Ideal Industries, Inc.$8.451
35-403 Zipper Bag 12.5 Inch35-403 Zipper Bag 12.5 Inch35-403Ideal Industries, Inc.$16.431
35-975 Tuff-Tote Ultimate Leather Tool Carrier35-975 Tuff-Tote Ultimate Leather Tool Carrier35-975Ideal Industries, Inc.$355.131
35-325 Tuff-Tote Ult. Tool Carrier Standard. Leather35-325 Tuff-Tote Ult. Tool Carrier Standard. Leather35-325Ideal Industries, Inc.$290.231
35-969 Tuff-Tote Tool Carrier Prem. Leather35-969 Tuff-Tote Tool Carrier Prem. Leather35-969Ideal Industries, Inc.$263.821
35-950 H.D. 8-Pocket Pouch35-950 H.D. 8-Pocket Pouch35-950Ideal Industries, Inc.$182.971
Tuff-Tote Tool Pouch, Std. LeatherTuff-Tote Tool Pouch, Std. Leather35-311Ideal Industries, Inc.$133.851
T35-958 uff-Tote Cell Phone Pouch Prem. LeatherT35-958 uff-Tote Cell Phone Pouch Prem. Leather35-958Ideal Industries, Inc.$32.271
35-965 Shoulder Strap Prem. Leather35-965 Shoulder Strap Prem. Leather35-965Ideal Industries, Inc.$33.721
35-338 Shoulder Strap Standard. Leather35-338 Shoulder Strap Standard. Leather35-338Ideal Industries, Inc.$30.181
35-995 2 Inch Roller Buckle Belt35-995 2 Inch Roller Buckle Belt35-995Ideal Industries, Inc.$46.871
35-316 Buckle Belt Standard. Leather35-316 Buckle Belt Standard. Leather35-316Ideal Industries, Inc.$33.881
35-418 Large Mouth 16 in. Tool Bag35-418 Large Mouth 16 in. Tool Bag35-418Ideal Industries, Inc.$58.831
35-535 Mechanics Tool Bag35-535 Mechanics Tool Bag35-535Ideal Industries, Inc.$39.781
35-655 Blue Poly Divider Pouch35-655 Blue Poly Divider Pouch35-655Ideal Industries, Inc.$28.371
35-975BLK Tuff-Tote Ult. Tool Carrier Black35-975BLK Tuff-Tote Ult. Tool Carrier Black35-975BLKIdeal Industries, Inc.$358.731
Carrying CaseCarrying CaseC-90Ideal Industries, Inc.$27.951
Electricians Tool PouchElectricians Tool Pouch13648Ergodyne$31.951
Wide Mouth Tool OrganizerWide Mouth Tool Organizer13704Ergodyne$61.951
Electricians Tool OrganizerElectricians Tool Organizer13740Ergodyne$79.951
Twist-a-Nut Carrying PouchTwist-a-Nut Carrying Pouch35-927Ideal Industries, Inc.$22.621
Twist-a-Nut Combo Pack Nylon PouchTwist-a-Nut Combo Pack Nylon Pouch35-926Ideal Industries, Inc.$80.301

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