Terminal Strip Covers

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11 Channel Clamp for Miniature Channel11 Channel Clamp for Miniature Channel11Ideal Industries, Inc.$208.7212
3 ft. Channel Standard Steel3 ft. Channel Standard Steel63Ideal Industries, Inc.$3,540.800.5
3 ft. Mounting Channel Miniature3 ft. Mounting Channel Miniature12Ideal Industries, Inc.$93,832.981
41 Jumper 2ckt HD Phenolic Blks Tub Cont41 Jumper 2ckt HD Phenolic Blks Tub Cont41Ideal Industries, Inc.$348.311
42 Jumper 2ckt HD Nylon and Poly Blks Tub42 Jumper 2ckt HD Nylon and Poly Blks Tub42Ideal Industries, Inc.$468.031
6 ft. Channel Standard Steel6 ft. Channel Standard Steel60Ideal Industries, Inc.$5,138.981
61 Channel Clamp Screw for Steel Channel61 Channel Clamp Screw for Steel Channel61Ideal Industries, Inc.$610.261
64 Channel Pre-Punched Aluminum 6 foot64 Channel Pre-Punched Aluminum 6 foot64Ideal Industries, Inc.$42,490.981
67 Channel Pre-Punched Aluminum 3 foot67 Channel Pre-Punched Aluminum 3 foot67Ideal Industries, Inc.$8,724.480.5
68 Channel Clamp. Universal68 Channel Clamp. Universal68Ideal Industries, Inc.$623.198
70 Jumper 2 Circuit70 Jumper 2 Circuit70Ideal Industries, Inc.$136.3425
89-224 Terminal Strip Jumper 12-Circuit89-224 Terminal Strip Jumper 12-Circuit89-224Ideal Industries, Inc.$13.861
89-229 Terminal Strip Jumper89-229 Terminal Strip Jumper89-229Ideal Industries, Inc.$13.811
89-314 Quick Connect .187 Inch Flat-None89-314 Quick Connect .187 Inch Flat-None89-314Ideal Industries, Inc.$8.911
89-317 Quick Connect .187 Inch Flat-Flat89-317 Quick Connect .187 Inch Flat-Flat89-317Ideal Industries, Inc.$10.401
89-323 Over Barrier Flat Slip-on89-323 Over Barrier Flat Slip-on89-323Ideal Industries, Inc.$13.841
89-423 Jumper Flat/Slip-on89-423 Jumper Flat/Slip-on89-423Ideal Industries, Inc.$13.841
89-525 Jumper 12-Circuit Flat/Closed89-525 Jumper 12-Circuit Flat/Closed89-525Ideal Industries, Inc.$17.631
Jumper 2 Circuit For Strap Screw ContactsJumper 2 Circuit For Strap Screw Contacts43Ideal Industries, Inc.$3,476.951

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