T8 Fluorescent Tubeguards

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GoodMart carries a great selection of T8 Fluorescent Tubeguards from Central Lighting Plastics. Makes the cleanup much easier and safer and prevents shattered lamp glass and phosphor dust from contaminating products and equipment. Buy in an assortment of colors including clear, amber, green, pink, red, yellow, blue and purple. We sell single tubes as well as cases of 24-30 tubes. We also sell endcaps for tube guards.

 ImageProduct NameProduct CodeManufacturerPrice
Royal Blue FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardRoyal Blue FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardTG8F32-ROYALBLUECentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
Amber UV T8 Fluorescent TubeguardAmber UV T8 Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F32-UVACentral Lighting Plastics$8.8924
Red FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardRed FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardTG8F32-REDCentral Lighting Plastics$3.991
Purple 2 ft. T8 Fluorescent Polycarbonate Tubeguard, EndcapsPurple 2 ft. T8 Fluorescent Polycarbonate Tubeguard, EndcapsTG8F17-PPCentral Lighting Plastics$2.5096
 Quarter Blue #3208 24 in. x 25 ft. RollQuarter Blue #3208 24 in. x 25 ft. Roll100032082425Rosco Laboratories Co.Call For Price1
 Roll Custom CutRoll Custom CutCUSTOMCUTFEERosco Laboratories Co.Call For Price1
Light Amber FO32T8 Fluorescent TubeguardLight Amber FO32T8 Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F32-LIGHT-AMBERCentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
 Half Blue #3204 20 in. x 24 in. SheetHalf Blue #3204 20 in. x 24 in. Sheet100032042024Rosco Laboratories Co.Call For Price1
Clear FO17T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardClear FO17T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardTG8F17-CCentral Lighting Plastics$10.001
Red T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardRed T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardLI-T8-4RLouvers Intl.$6.694
Pink T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardPink T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardLI-T8-4PLouvers Intl.$6.694
Royal Blue T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardRoyal Blue T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardLI-T8-4BLouvers Intl.$6.694
Green T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardGreen T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardLI-T8-4GRLouvers Intl.$6.694
Clear T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardClear T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardLI-T8-4CLouvers Intl.$3.504
Yellow T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardYellow T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardLI-T8-4YLouvers Intl.$6.694
GAMcolor Deep Amber #345 24 in. x 198 in. Junior RollGAMcolor Deep Amber #345 24 in. x 198 in. Junior RollGAMcolor Deep Amber #345 24 in. x 198 in. Junior RollRosco Laboratories Co.$181.001
FO96T8 Purple Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 Purple Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-PURPLECentral Lighting Plastics$5.99144
Purple FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardPurple FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardTG8F32-PURPLECentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
T8 Tubeguard EndcapT8 Tubeguard EndcapT8-ENDCAPCentral Lighting Plastics$0.5948
Polycarbonate 4 ft. Gradiated Matrix T8 Fluorescent TubeguardPolycarbonate 4 ft. Gradiated Matrix T8 Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F32-MTXCentral Lighting Plastics$16.891
FO17T8 Clear UV Block 2 ft. T8 Fluorescent TubeguardFO17T8 Clear UV Block 2 ft. T8 Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F17-UVCentral Lighting Plastics$4.3924
4 ft. T8 Fluorescent Polycarbonate Tubeguard Mixed Colors4 ft. T8 Fluorescent Polycarbonate Tubeguard Mixed ColorsTG8F32-MIXEDBOXCentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
Polycarbonate F32T8 Fluorescent Tubeguard, 4 Each Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow and Purple with EndcapsPolycarbonate F32T8 Fluorescent Tubeguard, 4 Each Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow and Purple with EndcapsTG8F32-FourMixedCentral Lighting Plastics$2.9724
4 ft. Smoke T8 Fluorescent Tubeguard4 ft. Smoke T8 Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F32-SKCentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
 FO96T8 Clear Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 Clear Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-CCentral Lighting PlasticsCall For Price8
 FO96T8 Amber Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 Amber Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-AMBERCentral Lighting PlasticsCall For Price144
FO96T8 Green Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 Green Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-GREENCentral Lighting Plastics$5.94144
FO96T8 Pink Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 Pink Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-PINKCentral Lighting Plastics$5.95144
 FO96T8 Red Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 Red Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-REDCentral Lighting PlasticsCall For Price144
 FO96T8 Yellow Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 Yellow Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-YELLOWCentral Lighting PlasticsCall For Price144
FO96T8 Blue Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 Blue Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-BLUECentral Lighting Plastics$5.95144
Clear FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardClear FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardTG8F32-CCentral Lighting Plastics$2.9924
Amber FO32T8 Fluorescent TubeguardAmber FO32T8 Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F32-AMBERCentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
FO32T8 Green Tube GuardFO32T8 Green Tube GuardTG8F32-GREENCentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
Pink FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardPink FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube GuardTG8F32-PINKCentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
Red T8 Fluorescent Polycarbonate Tube GuardRed T8 Fluorescent Polycarbonate Tube GuardTG8F32-REDCentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
Yellow FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube Guard UV FilteringYellow FO32T8 Fluorescent Tube Guard UV FilteringTG8F32-YELLOWCentral Lighting Plastics$8.8424
FO32T8 Blue Tube GuardFO32T8 Blue Tube GuardTG8F32-BLUECentral Lighting Plastics$3.6524
 FO96T8 UV Filtering Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 UV Filtering Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-UVCentral Lighting PlasticsCall For Price144
FO32T8 Clear UV Tube GuardFO32T8 Clear UV Tube GuardTG8F32-UVCentral Lighting Plastics$8.8924
FO96T8 Royal Blue Fluorescent TubeguardFO96T8 Royal Blue Fluorescent TubeguardTG8F96-ROYALBLUECentral Lighting Plastics$5.95144

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