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All types of specialty meters for testing and evaluation of critical processes. We carry tachometers, phase meters, EMF meters, and more with fast shipping

 ImageProduct NameProduct CodeManufacturerPrice
61-520 3 Phase Motor Rotation Tester61-520 3 Phase Motor Rotation Tester61-520Ideal Industries, Inc.$172.651
61-521 3 Phase Motor Rotation Tester61-521 3 Phase Motor Rotation Tester61-521Ideal Industries, Inc.$195.601
4-In-1 Multi Function Detector4-In-1 Multi Function Detector  Clearance50215Sonin Corp.$24.491
EMF/ELF MeterEMF/ELF Meter480823Extech Instruments Corp.$129.991
MW1AK Microwave Leakage DetectorMW1AK Microwave Leakage DetectorMW1AKUEi Corp.$44.951
Contact TachometerContact Tachometer461891Extech Instruments Corp.$209.991
RPM10 Combination Laser Tachometer and IR Thermometer TachometerRPM10 Combination Laser Tachometer and IR Thermometer TachometerRPM10Extech Instruments Corp.$339.991
Indoor Air Quality Meter and DataloggerIndoor Air Quality Meter and DataloggerEA80Extech Instruments Corp.$789.991
Passive Component LCR MeterPassive Component LCR Meter380193Extech Instruments Corp.$219.991
Combination Photo Tachometer StroboscopeCombination Photo Tachometer Stroboscope461825Extech Instruments Corp.$349.991
BT100 Battery Capacity TesterBT100 Battery Capacity TesterBT100Extech Instruments Corp.$769.001
Digital Compass with BacklightDigital Compass with BacklightDC360BLGeneral Tools Corp.$44.951
Heavy Duty Vibration MeterHeavy Duty Vibration Meter407860Extech Instruments Corp.$899.001
RF EMF Strength MeterRF EMF Strength Meter480836Extech Instruments Corp.$279.991
Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation TesterPhase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester480403Extech Instruments Corp.$149.991
Phase Sequence TesterPhase Sequence Tester480400Extech Instruments Corp.$89.991
RPM Controller/ MonitorRPM Controller/ Monitor461960Extech Instruments Corp.$219.991
Stopwatch / Clock with Backlit DisplayStopwatch / Clock with Backlit Display365515Extech Instruments Corp.$25.991
Current Calibrator/MeterCurrent Calibrator/Meter412300AExtech Instruments Corp.$269.991
Solar Power MeterSolar Power MeterDBTU1300General Tools Corp.$144.951
Ultrasonic Thickness GaugeUltrasonic Thickness GaugeUTEGEMTT2General Tools Corp.$2,195.001
365515-NIST Stopwatch / Clock with Backlit Display365515-NIST Stopwatch / Clock with Backlit Display365515-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$75.991
RPM10-NIST Combination Laser Tachometer and IR Thermometer TachometerRPM10-NIST Combination Laser Tachometer and IR Thermometer TachometerRPM10-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$519.991
PocketTach Non-Contact Mini TachometerPocketTach Non-Contact Mini Tachometer461700Extech Instruments Corp.$159.991
Combination Photo/Contact TachometersCombination Photo/Contact Tachometers461895Extech Instruments Corp.$269.991
HT30 Heat Stress WBGT MeterHT30 Heat Stress WBGT MeterHT30Extech Instruments Corp.$169.991
Analog Rain Gauge with Cumulative Rotating TopAnalog Rain Gauge with Cumulative Rotating TopARG14General Tools Corp.$9.951
Magnetic Tester with LED Indication and Audible BeepMagnetic Tester with LED Indication and Audible BeepAMY6General Tools Corp.$16.951
UVA/UVC Light MeterUVA/UVC Light MeterUV254SDGeneral Tools Corp.$694.001
Laser Photo and Contact TachometerLaser Photo and Contact TachometerPCT2236BGeneral Tools Corp.$164.951
PCT900 Mini Photo and Contact TachometerPCT900 Mini Photo and Contact TachometerPCT900General Tools Corp.$194.951
PT800 Mini Photo TachometerPT800 Mini Photo TachometerPT800General Tools Corp.$94.951
CT801 Mini Contact TachometerCT801 Mini Contact TachometerCT801General Tools Corp.$94.951
CT6235B Contact TachometerCT6235B Contact TachometerCT6235BGeneral Tools Corp.$124.951
LED 3-in-1 Stud, Voltage and Metal DetectorLED 3-in-1 Stud, Voltage and Metal DetectorMSV250General Tools Corp.$24.991
Digital 3-in-1 Stud, Voltage and Metal DetectorDigital 3-in-1 Stud, Voltage and Metal DetectorMSV350DGeneral Tools Corp.$34.991
UV513AB Digital UV AB MeterUV513AB Digital UV AB MeterUV513ABGeneral Tools Corp.$189.001
EMF1394DL Data Logging Triple Axis EMF MeterEMF1394DL Data Logging Triple Axis EMF MeterEMF1394DLGeneral Tools Corp.$394.951
FOS18 18 in. Fiber Optic ScopeFOS18 18 in. Fiber Optic ScopeFOS18General Tools Corp.$289.001
FOS36 36 in. Fiber Optic ScopeFOS36 36 in. Fiber Optic ScopeFOS36General Tools Corp.$389.001
EMF1390 Digital EMF TesterEMF1390 Digital EMF TesterEMF1390General Tools Corp.$94.951
DS2239 Digital StroboscopeDS2239 Digital StroboscopeDS2239General Tools Corp.$244.951
EC506 Digital Pocket EC MeterEC506 Digital Pocket EC MeterEC506General Tools Corp.$57.001
MLD100 Mini Microwave Leakage DetectorMLD100 Mini Microwave Leakage DetectorMLD100General Tools Corp.$9.991
MC108 Digital Mini MicroscopeMC108 Digital Mini MicroscopeMC108Extech Instruments Corp.$349.991
382280 Programmable 200W Output DC Power Supply382280 Programmable 200W Output DC Power Supply382280Extech Instruments Corp.$649.991
480826 Triple Axis EMF Tester480826 Triple Axis EMF Tester480826Extech Instruments Corp.$309.991
MS420 20MHz 2-Channel Digital OscilloscopeMS420 20MHz 2-Channel Digital OscilloscopeMS420Extech Instruments Corp.$949.001
475055 High Capacity Force Gauge475055 High Capacity Force Gauge475055Extech Instruments Corp.$709.001
382270 Quad Output DC Power Supply382270 Quad Output DC Power Supply382270Extech Instruments Corp.$479.991
382260 80W Switching Mode DC Power Supply382260 80W Switching Mode DC Power Supply382260Extech Instruments Corp.$279.991
LCR200 Passive Component LCR MeterLCR200 Passive Component LCR MeterLCR200Extech Instruments Corp.$259.991
Fruit Hardness TesterFruit Hardness TesterFHT200Extech Instruments Corp.$649.001

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