Red-Hawk 6508-BL Powersense T Hub 24 Port

6508-BL Powersense T Hub 24 Port
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Product Name: 6508-BL Powersense T Hub 24 Port

Product #: Red-Hawk 6508-BL

Manufacturer: Red-Hawk

Unit of Measure: Each (1)

Quantity of Units/Case: 1

Minimum Quantity of Cases to Order: 1

Please call us at (212) 792-0210 to order

Safely and efficiently provide power over LAN Data cabling for VoIP phones, Wireless Networking access points and other remote access devices . The PowerSenseT Hub is a 24 port rack-mount chassis powering up to 24 devices. Each bank of 8 modules is Hot-swappable so that modules may be added to the chassis without powering down the unit. If an individual power port is damaged due to a lightning strike or power surge, the module bank may be hot swapped out without powering down the chassis or disconnecting the other devices attached to the other power ports in the chassis. When used with an uninterruptible power supply, the PowerSenseT Hub provides non-stop power for up to 24 connected devices. Continuous operation of powered LAN devices is assured, while costly downtime is avoided. The PowerSenseT Hub also eliminates the need for costly uninterruptible power supplies to be installed for each powered LAN device, saving time and extra expense.

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