Moisture Meters

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Check moisture content in wood, building materials, soil and more with our pin type and non-invasive moisture meters. Moisture meters are important tools for building inspectors, contractors and restoration specialists. Designed to detect moisture in many materials including, carpet, underlay, drywall, wood, plaster and upholstery, a moisture meter can help avoid problems associated with mold and mildew. We also carry water alarms, restoration kits, wall probes, inspector kits, wood moisture meters, pinless meters and combination pin and pinless meters. Browse through our selection from Amprobe, Dri-Eaz, Extech, GE and General Tools Corp.

 ImageProduct NameProduct CodeManufacturerPrice
Moisture Test MeterMoisture Test Meter50211Sonin Corp.$44.951
MO250 Wood and Building Material Moisture MeterMO250 Wood and Building Material Moisture MeterMO250Extech Instruments Corp.$209.991
Heavy Duty Moisture MeterHeavy Duty Moisture Meter407777Extech Instruments Corp.$309.991
Non-Invasive Moisture MeterNon-Invasive Moisture MeterMO300Extech Instruments Corp.$299.991
Non-invasive Moisture Meter MMD5NP x1Non-invasive Moisture Meter MMD5NP x1  ClearanceMMD5NPGeneral Tools Corp.$84.951
MO220 Wood Moisture MeterMO220 Wood Moisture MeterMO220Extech Instruments Corp.$179.991
MO210 Pocket Moisture MeterMO210 Pocket Moisture MeterMO210Extech Instruments Corp.$99.991
LED Moisture Meter MM1ELED Moisture Meter MM1EMM1EGeneral Tools Corp.$27.001
Home Inspector Kit MO280-KHHome Inspector Kit MO280-KHMO280-KHExtech Instruments Corp.$224.991
Water Damage Restoration KitWater Damage Restoration KitMO280-KWExtech Instruments Corp.$439.991
MMD4E Digital Moisture MeterMMD4E Digital Moisture MeterMMD4EGeneral Tools Corp.$44.951
Digital Non Invasive Moisture MeterDigital Non Invasive Moisture MeterMMD6NPGeneral Tools Corp.$199.001
Non Invasive Moisture MeterNon Invasive Moisture MeterMMD5NPGeneral Tools Corp.$58.001
Digital Microprocessor Moisture MeterDigital Microprocessor Moisture MeterMM6012General Tools Corp.$197.001
Precision Digital Moisture MeterPrecision Digital Moisture MeterMS7000General Tools Corp.$279.951
Precision Digital Soil Moisture Meter With ProbePrecision Digital Soil Moisture Meter With ProbeDSMM500General Tools Corp.$244.951
Grain Moisture MeterGrain Moisture MeterMMG608General Tools Corp.$199.001
Soil Moisture and Light MeterSoil Moisture and Light MeterGLMM100General Tools Corp.$19.991
Soil Moisture MeterSoil Moisture MeterGLMM200General Tools Corp.$9.991
MM70D Precision Digital Moisture MeterMM70D Precision Digital Moisture MeterMM70DGeneral Tools Corp.$294.951
MM70 Precision LED Bargraph Moisture MeterMM70 Precision LED Bargraph Moisture MeterMM70General Tools Corp.$244.951
MM700D Precision Digital Moisture MeterMM700D Precision Digital Moisture MeterMM700DGeneral Tools Corp.$294.951
MM80G Precision Digital and LED Moisture MeterMM80G Precision Digital and LED Moisture MeterMM80GGeneral Tools Corp.$64.951
MMD7003 Precision Digital and LED Display Moisture MeterMMD7003 Precision Digital and LED Display Moisture MeterMMD7003General Tools Corp.$197.001
MO295 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer and IR ThermometerMO295 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer and IR ThermometerMO295Extech Instruments Corp.$579.001
MO290 Pinless Moisture PsychrometerMO290 Pinless Moisture PsychrometerMO290Extech Instruments Corp.$529.001
MO280 Pinless Moisture MeterMO280 Pinless Moisture MeterMO280Extech Instruments Corp.$149.991
Wireless Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture MeterWireless Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture MeterMO270Extech Instruments Corp.$849.001
Wireless Moisture SensorWireless Moisture SensorMO270-XExtech Instruments Corp.$199.991
Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture MeterCombination Pin/Pinless Moisture MeterMO265Extech Instruments Corp.$419.991
Restoration KitRestoration KitMO260-RKExtech Instruments Corp.$599.001
Moisture Pin ProbeMoisture Pin ProbeMO-P1Extech Instruments Corp.$69.991

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