Ideal Industrial Lockout/Tagout Kit

Industrial Lockout/Tagout Kit
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Product Name: Industrial Lockout/Tagout Kit

Product #: 44-974

Manufacturer: Ideal Industries, Inc.

Unit of Measure: Piece (1)

Our Price/Unit: $624.28

Quantity of Units/Case: 1

Minimum Quantity of Cases to Order: 1

Your Price: $624.28

The Ideal Industrial Lockout Tagout kit features a large selection of lockout tagout devises needed by any industrial plant manager. The included Polypropylene plastic tool box resists oil and chemicals. Also included in this premium industrial lockout tagout kit are thee hinged single-pole breaker lockouts, two universal 277V single-pole breaker lockouts, one 480/600V breaker lockout, one wall switch lockout, one 110V small plug lockout, one pneumatic lockout, one ball valve lockout, two 1 inch safety lockout hasps, one red labeled lockout, one 220/550V plug lockout, ten striped lockout tags marked DO NOT OPERATE, two different kinds of fuse blockouts, one gate valve lockout, one cleat for 277V breaker lockout, one cleat for 480/600V breaker lockout, four red lockout padlocks, one universal multi-pole breaker lockout and the tool box.

UPC CODE: 783250547456

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