Ideal 61-956 Sure Test Circut Tracer with Receiver

61-956 Sure Test Circut Tracer
*Image Accuracy Not Guaranteed

Product Name: 61-956 Sure Test Circut Tracer

Product #: 61-956

Manufacturer: Ideal Industries, Inc.

Unit of Measure: Each (1)

Quantity of Units/Case: 1

Minimum Quantity of Cases to Order: 1

We are sorry, but this item has been discontinued.

Ideal Industries Sure Test Circut Tracers feature numeric value and variable audible for easy to use understand tracing, super bright display for easy viewing, peak detecting bar graph for instantaneous changes in signal strength, identifies breakers and fuses, pinpoint opens and shorts, traces wires behind walls and underground, can be used on de-energized and energized circuits from 0-600V AC/DC, will not affect GFCIs or other sensitive equipment on the line, low battery indicator and Cat lll-1000V safety rating.

UPC CODE: 783250619566

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