Humidity Meters

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GoodMart offers a selection of easy to use humidity meters valuable to HVAC, agriculture, building inspection and other industry professionals. Ideal for applications in schools, offices and manufacturing or storage areas. Our selection includes psychrometers, humidity temperature meters, humidity and temperature dataloggers, humidity alert remote probes, probe hygro-thermometers, chart recorders, USB dataloggers and more. Versatile hand held and desk top instruments from Amprobe, Extech, GE and General Tools Corp.

 ImageProduct NameProduct CodeManufacturerPrice
RH520A Humidity and Temperature Chart RecorderRH520A Humidity and Temperature Chart RecorderRH520AExtech Instruments Corp.$330.001
RH401 Psychrometer and Infrared ThermometerRH401 Psychrometer and Infrared ThermometerRH401Extech Instruments Corp.$199.991
Hygro-Thermometer and Infrared ThermometerHygro-Thermometer and Infrared ThermometerRH101Extech Instruments Corp.$179.991
RH305 Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer KitRH305 Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer KitRH305Extech Instruments Corp.$149.991
Compact Humidity and Temperature Pen KitCompact Humidity and Temperature Pen Kit445582Extech Instruments Corp.$129.991
EA25 EasyView Hygro-Thermometer and DataloggerEA25 EasyView Hygro-Thermometer and DataloggerEA25Extech Instruments Corp.$389.991
RH390 Precision Hygro-Thermometer PsychrometerRH390 Precision Hygro-Thermometer PsychrometerRH390Extech Instruments Corp.$199.991
Humidity Alert II with Remote ProbeHumidity Alert II with Remote Probe445815Extech Instruments Corp.$55.991
445715 Big Digit Remote Probe Hygro-Thermometer445715 Big Digit Remote Probe Hygro-Thermometer445715Extech Instruments Corp.$55.991
EA20 EasyView Hygro-Thermometer and DataloggerEA20 EasyView Hygro-Thermometer and DataloggerEA20Extech Instruments Corp.$239.991
RH350 Dual Input Hygro-Thermometer PsychrometerRH350 Dual Input Hygro-Thermometer PsychrometerRH350Extech Instruments Corp.$149.991
RH490 Precision Hygro-ThermometerRH490 Precision Hygro-ThermometerRH490Extech Instruments Corp.$359.991
RHT10 Temperature and Humidity USB DataloggerRHT10 Temperature and Humidity USB DataloggerRHT10Extech Instruments Corp.$89.991
HygroTrac Remote Monitoring SystemHygroTrac Remote Monitoring SystemF358GE$3,495.001
445582-NIST Compact Humidity and Temperature Pen445582-NIST Compact Humidity and Temperature Pen445582-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$254.991
RH305-NIST Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer KitRH305-NIST Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer KitRH305-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$274.991
RH350-NIST Dual Input Hygro-Thermometer PsychrometerRH350-NIST Dual Input Hygro-Thermometer PsychrometerRH350-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$274.991
Digital Psychrometer with Wet Bulb, Globe, Temp and HumidityDigital Psychrometer with Wet Bulb, Globe, Temp and HumidityWBGT8758General Tools Corp.$164.951
DL8829 Digital Temperature Humidity Data LoggerDL8829 Digital Temperature Humidity Data LoggerDL8829General Tools Corp.$105.001
Wireless Remote Sensor Digital Thermo-HygrometerWireless Remote Sensor Digital Thermo-HygrometerEMR963HGGeneral Tools Corp.$74.951
Digital Pocket WeathermanDigital Pocket WeathermanSAM700BARGeneral Tools Corp.$124.951
Digital Psychrometer With Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point and Wet BulbDigital Psychrometer With Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point and Wet BulbSAM990DWGeneral Tools Corp.$97.001
Certified Digital PsychrometerCertified Digital PsychrometerSAM990DW/CERTGeneral Tools Corp.$194.951
Digital Ergonomic PsychrometerDigital Ergonomic PsychrometerSAMJR995General Tools Corp.$107.001
Precision Temperature and Humidity Meter DataloggerPrecision Temperature and Humidity Meter DataloggerDTH3009DLGeneral Tools Corp.$394.951
Economy Temperature and Humidity PenEconomy Temperature and Humidity PenLAM122General Tools Corp.$27.001
Desk/Wall Digital Temperature and Humidity MonitorDesk/Wall Digital Temperature and Humidity MonitorDHI875FGeneral Tools Corp.$64.001
Infrared Psychrometer with Adjustable EmissivityInfrared Psychrometer with Adjustable EmissivityEM8857PIGeneral Tools Corp.$189.951
Temperature/Humidity Data Logger with Switch, Temperature PortTemperature/Humidity Data Logger with Switch, Temperature PortDL8835General Tools Corp.$124.951
Miniature Temperature and Humidity MonitorMiniature Temperature and Humidity MonitorLCR318General Tools Corp.$16.951
Digital Hand-Held Thermo-HygrometerDigital Hand-Held Thermo-HygrometerCMM880General Tools Corp.$74.951
Digital HVAC Psychrometer with Temperature Port, Field CalibratableDigital HVAC Psychrometer with Temperature Port, Field CalibratableEP8706General Tools Corp.$84.951
Dew Point HygrometerDew Point HygrometerLAM880DGeneral Tools Corp.$92.501
Digital HVAC Psychrometer with Temperature Port, Field Calibratable with ProbeDigital HVAC Psychrometer with Temperature Port, Field Calibratable with ProbeEM8716General Tools Corp.$97.001
Red Spirit C Twirling Sling PsychrometerRed Spirit C Twirling Sling PsychrometerTSP200RCGeneral Tools Corp.$59.951
Masons HygrometerMasons HygrometerMH120General Tools Corp.$27.001
Red Spirit F Sling PsychrometerRed Spirit F Sling PsychrometerSP100FRGeneral Tools Corp.$44.951
Red Spirit C Sling PsychrometerRed Spirit C Sling PsychrometerSP100CRGeneral Tools Corp.$44.951
Mercury C Sling PsychrometerMercury C Sling PsychrometerSP100CMGeneral Tools Corp.$48.001
Red Spirit F Round Style PsychrometerRed Spirit F Round Style PsychrometerBSP200FRGeneral Tools Corp.$54.951
General Tool MgCL 33 Percent Humidity ReferenceGeneral Tool MgCL 33 Percent Humidity ReferenceHR33General Tools Corp.$29.991
NaCL 75 Percent Humidity Reference for EP8706, EM8716, EM8857PiNaCL 75 Percent Humidity Reference for EP8706, EM8716, EM8857PiHR75General Tools Corp.$29.991
NaCL 75 Percent Humidity Reference for DTH314DlNaCL 75 Percent Humidity Reference for DTH314DlHR75LJGeneral Tools Corp.$39.991
MgCL 33 Percent Humidity Reference for DTH314DlMgCL 33 Percent Humidity Reference for DTH314DlHR33LJGeneral Tools Corp.$39.991
Humidity and Temperature Datalogger for 42275 KitHumidity and Temperature Datalogger for 42275 Kit42270Extech Instruments Corp.$109.991
42275 Humidity and Temperature Datalogger Kit42275 Humidity and Temperature Datalogger Kit42275Extech Instruments Corp.$179.991
RH355 SuperHeat PsychrometerRH355 SuperHeat PsychrometerRH355Extech Instruments Corp.$189.991
Humidity Solution Kit 33 and 75 PercentHumidity Solution Kit 33 and 75 PercentRH300-CALExtech Instruments Corp.$59.991
RH/Temperature PenRH/Temperature Pen445580Extech Instruments Corp.$65.991
Humidity and Temperature Datalogger 42280Humidity and Temperature Datalogger 4228042280Extech Instruments Corp.$219.991
RH300 Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer KitRH300 Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer KitRH300Extech Instruments Corp.$99.991
EP9801 Data Logger PrinterEP9801 Data Logger PrinterEP9801General Tools Corp.$299.001
Remote Temperature And Humidity Sensor For EMR963HGRemote Temperature And Humidity Sensor For EMR963HGTHGR268General Tools Corp.$54.491
HD500 Psychrometer with InfraRed ThermometerHD500 Psychrometer with InfraRed ThermometerHD500Extech Instruments Corp.$269.991
RHT20 Humidity and Temperature DataloggerRHT20 Humidity and Temperature DataloggerRHT20Extech Instruments Corp.$139.991
Data Logging Temperature and Humidity MonitorData Logging Temperature and Humidity MonitorLTH8809DLGeneral Tools Corp.$239.941

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