Fluorescent Battery Packs

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10-42W 4-Pin CFL Emergency Battery Pack10-42W 4-Pin CFL Emergency Battery PackP8643-01Progress Lighting$301.171
1300 Lumen 20W-215W Fluorescent Emergency Ballast1300 Lumen 20W-215W Fluorescent Emergency BallastFPDL/UEmergi-Lite Co.$76.921
14-28W T5 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277V14-28W T5 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VPL508SC8National Battery Corp.$169.006
16 in. Remote Mounting Enclosure16 in. Remote Mounting EnclosureRME-1Iota Engineering$49.001
2-4 ft. T5 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast2-4 ft. T5 Fluorescent Emergency BallastISL-54Iota Engineering$178.331
20B100 500 Lumen Emergency Ballast 120/277V20B100 500 Lumen Emergency Ballast 120/277V20B100Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$48.891
20B30 3000 Lumen Emergency Ballast 120/277V20B30 3000 Lumen Emergency Ballast 120/277V20B30Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$208.971
20B50 1400 Lumen Emergency Ballast 120/277V20B50 1400 Lumen Emergency Ballast 120/277V20B50Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$76.431
20B60 700 Lumen Emergency Ballast 120/277V20B60 700 Lumen Emergency Ballast 120/277V20B60Technical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$57.681
21-28W T5 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277V21-28W T5 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VPL505SC8National Battery Corp.$112.001
300-750 Lumen Two Lamp CFL Emergency Ballast300-750 Lumen Two Lamp CFL Emergency BallastB94CGUMBodine Emergency Lighting$135.001
50-1001 Battery50-1001 Battery50-1001Encore Lighting$29.001
500 Lumen Fluorescent Battery Pack500 Lumen Fluorescent Battery PackPSQ500QDLithonia Lighting$90.001
500 Lumen Fluorescent Battery Pack Damp Location500 Lumen Fluorescent Battery Pack Damp LocationPSQ500DWLithonia Lighting$104.001
550 Lumen 28W T5 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast550 Lumen 28W T5 Fluorescent Emergency BallastFPDL-32Emergi-Lite Co.$43.331
B100 350-450 Lumens Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB100 350-450 Lumens Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB100Bodine Emergency Lighting$104.001
B30 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB30 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB30Bodine Emergency Lighting$339.001
B33 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB33 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB33Bodine Emergency Lighting$408.001
B463 Compact Fluorescent Emergency BallastB463 Compact Fluorescent Emergency BallastB463Bodine Emergency Lighting$138.001
B50 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB50 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB50Bodine Emergency Lighting$144.601
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