Epygi Quadro-6L

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Product Name: Quadro-6L

Product #: Epygi Quadro-6L

Manufacturer: Epygi Technologies

Unit of Measure: Each (1)

Our Price/Unit: $1678.80

Quantity of Units/Case: 1

Minimum Quantity of Cases to Order: 1

Your Price: $1678.80

The Quadro6L is an IP router, SIP gateway and IP PBX all in one box. The Quadro6L is a fully-featured IP-PBX designed with the requirements of small businesses in mind. With support for up to ten extensions and six external PSTN lines, the Quadro6L is the ideal solution for small offices that require a state of the art telephone system, but also need a simple installation and low initial and ongoing costs.The Quadro6L is a complete IP-PBX, with a multitude of features and extensive PBX functionality, including Voicemail, IVR, Call Routing and many other features. Microsoft Outlook Click to Dial functionality is supported. Optional 3PCC (Third Party Call Control) and QCM (Quadro Call Manager) softphone licenses can also be purchased. The Quadro6L is ideal for the small to medium businesses which require Key System telephone features. It is an IP router, SIP gateway and IP PBX all in one box. Ten SIP IP phones can be configured as local extensions. In addition, there are six FXO ports for connection to the PSTN. With a built-in QoS router, LAN and voice traffic can be routed to the Internet, eliminating the need for an additional IP router. The Quadro incorporates a stateful inspection firewall, NAT, DHCP client and server, IPSec VPN, and web browser configuration. Key System Emulation is key feature to determine the right fit for this product. Shared Line appearance and a few other Key System features were added to the already powerful 4.1 feature set to create the Quadro6L.

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