Digital Multimeters

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Analog Economy MultimeterAnalog Economy MultimeterAM35ULGeneral Tools Corp.$15.951
Digital UL 7 Function MultimeterDigital UL 7 Function MultimeterDMM20ULGeneral Tools Corp.$19.951
DMM830HS Digital Economy Multimeter With Continuity BeeperDMM830HS Digital Economy Multimeter With Continuity BeeperDMM830HSGeneral Tools Corp.$21.491
5 Function Digital Multimeter5 Function Digital MultimeterDMM40General Tools Corp.$28.001
10 Function Digital Multimeter10 Function Digital MultimeterDMM45General Tools Corp.$37.491
DM110 Mini Pocket Digital MultiMeterDM110 Mini Pocket Digital MultiMeterDM110Extech Instruments Corp.$39.991
EX310 Mini MultiMeterEX310 Mini MultiMeterEX310Extech Instruments Corp.$39.991
ETK100 Electrical Tools Utility KitETK100 Electrical Tools Utility KitETK100General Tools Corp.$42.501
Mini Pocket MultimeterMini Pocket MultimeterDM220Extech Instruments Corp.$44.991
EX410 Digital MultimeterEX410 Digital MultimeterEX410Extech Instruments Corp.$49.991
EX320 Mini MultiMeterEX320 Mini MultiMeterEX320Extech Instruments Corp.$49.991
Digital Multimeter with Continuity BeeperDigital Multimeter with Continuity BeeperDMM51FSGGeneral Tools Corp.$54.951
ETK200 Electrical Technician Tools KitETK200 Electrical Technician Tools KitETK200General Tools Corp.$59.951
EX330 Digital MultimeterEX330 Digital MultimeterEX330Extech Instruments Corp.$59.991
DM73C Pen Probe Style Digital MultimeterDM73C Pen Probe Style Digital MultimeterDM73CAmprobe$66.871
ETK300 Electrical Deluxe Technician Tools KitETK300 Electrical Deluxe Technician Tools KitETK300General Tools Corp.$74.951
EX411 True RMS Digital MultimeterEX411 True RMS Digital MultimeterEX411Extech Instruments Corp.$74.991
EX420 Digital MultimeterEX420 Digital MultimeterEX420Extech Instruments Corp.$74.991
EX430 TRMS Digital MultimeterEX430 TRMS Digital MultimeterEX430Extech Instruments Corp.$94.991
EX503 Heavy Duty Industrial MultimeterEX503 Heavy Duty Industrial MultimeterEX503Extech Instruments Corp.$94.991
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