Contemporary Table Lamps

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Tristan Urban Traditions Polished Nickel Table LampTristan Urban Traditions Polished Nickel Table Lamp70737Kichler Lighting Co.$198.001
Prussia Hand Painted Table LampPrussia Hand Painted Table Lamp70731Kichler Lighting Co.$507.001
Blue Cascade Hand Painted Porcelain Table LampBlue Cascade Hand Painted Porcelain Table Lamp70735Kichler Lighting Co.$258.001
Connor Chestnut Bronze and Rubbed Olde Silver Table LampConnor Chestnut Bronze and Rubbed Olde Silver Table Lamp70779Kichler Lighting Co.$170.001
Keeler Black Chrome Table LampKeeler Black Chrome Table Lamp70777Kichler Lighting Co.$297.001
Connor Painted Metal Table LampConnor Painted Metal Table Lamp70778Kichler Lighting Co.$178.001
Pressick II Brushed Nickel 2-Light Table LampPressick II Brushed Nickel 2-Light Table Lamp70736Kichler Lighting Co.$198.001
Twigs Antique White Table LampTwigs Antique White Table Lamp70721Kichler Lighting Co.$345.001
Alex Wood Table LampAlex Wood Table Lamp70746Kichler Lighting Co.$224.001
Kirketon Aged Brass Table LampKirketon Aged Brass Table Lamp70727Kichler Lighting Co.$225.001
Alex Wood Desk LampAlex Wood Desk Lamp70747Kichler Lighting Co.$224.001
Hand Painted Porcelain Table LampHand Painted Porcelain Table Lamp70718Kichler Lighting Co.$537.001
Margo Hand Painted Porcelain Table LampMargo Hand Painted Porcelain Table Lamp70719Kichler Lighting Co.$537.001
Andre Polished Nickel Table LampAndre Polished Nickel Table Lamp70745Kichler Lighting Co.$190.001
Helene Brushed Steel Table LampHelene Brushed Steel Table Lamp70730Kichler Lighting Co.$170.001
Palla Polished Nickel 2-Light Table LampPalla Polished Nickel 2-Light Table Lamp70748Kichler Lighting Co.$318.001
Andre Polished Nickel 2-Light Desk LampAndre Polished Nickel 2-Light Desk Lamp70751Kichler Lighting Co.$198.001
Stella Polished Nickel Desk LampStella Polished Nickel Desk Lamp70752Kichler Lighting Co.$118.001
Stella Chrome Table LampStella Chrome Table Lamp70753Kichler Lighting Co.$230.001
Porcelain 150W Table LampPorcelain 150W Table Lamp70754Kichler Lighting Co.$318.001
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