Clamp Meters

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GoodMart has the latest digital clamp meters designed for the professional. Test, measure and troubleshoot electrical installations to minimize downtime and avoid costly shutdowns

 ImageProduct NameProduct CodeManufacturerPrice
61-704 TRMS Clamp Meter61-704 TRMS Clamp Meter61-704Ideal Industries, Inc.$254.071
MA460 PLUS Clamp Meter MultimeterMA460 PLUS Clamp Meter MultimeterMA460Extech Instruments Corp.$119.991
380942 TRMS Clamp Meter380942 TRMS Clamp Meter380942Extech Instruments Corp.$389.991
380926 TRMS Clamp Meter380926 TRMS Clamp Meter380926Extech Instruments Corp.$279.991
380947 TRMS Clamp Meter380947 TRMS Clamp Meter380947Extech Instruments Corp.$299.991
380941 AC/DC Clamp Meter380941 AC/DC Clamp Meter380941Extech Instruments Corp.$269.991
380974 Clamp Meter380974 Clamp Meter380974Extech Instruments Corp.$169.991
MA220 AC/DC Clamp MeterMA220 AC/DC Clamp MeterMA220Extech Instruments Corp.$109.991
EX820 TRMS Clamp MeterEX820 TRMS Clamp MeterEX820Extech Instruments Corp.$179.991
EX830 TRMS Clamp MeterEX830 TRMS Clamp MeterEX830Extech Instruments Corp.$219.991
EX810 Clamp Meter with IR ThermometerEX810 Clamp Meter with IR ThermometerEX810Extech Instruments Corp.$149.991
MA200 Clamp MeterMA200 Clamp MeterMA200Extech Instruments Corp.$54.991
38389 TRMS Clamp Meter38389 TRMS Clamp Meter38389Extech Instruments Corp.$129.991
EX710 Clamp MeterEX710 Clamp MeterEX710Extech Instruments Corp.$89.991
EX720 TRMS Clamp MeterEX720 TRMS Clamp MeterEX720Extech Instruments Corp.$119.991
EX730 Clamp MeterEX730 Clamp MeterEX730Extech Instruments Corp.$169.991
38387 600A AC Clamp Meter38387 600A AC Clamp Meter38387Extech Instruments Corp.$59.991
Flexible True RMS AC Current ClampFlexible True RMS AC Current Clamp382400Extech Instruments Corp.$339.991
MA220-NIST AC/DC Clamp MeterMA220-NIST AC/DC Clamp MeterMA220-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$184.991
AC/DC Automotive Clamp and Digital Multimeter KitAC/DC Automotive Clamp and Digital Multimeter KitDAMP3505KITGeneral Tools Corp.$284.951
AC/DC Automotive Clamp MeterAC/DC Automotive Clamp MeterDAMP3500General Tools Corp.$164.951
ELS2A AC Current Clamp AccessoryELS2A AC Current Clamp AccessoryELS2AAmprobe$21.941
MA620-K Industrial DMM/Clamp Meter Test KitMA620-K Industrial DMM/Clamp Meter Test KitMA620-KExtech Instruments Corp.$199.991
MA640 600A True RMS AC/DC Clamp MeterMA640 600A True RMS AC/DC Clamp MeterMA640Extech Instruments Corp.$159.991
EX622 400A Dual Input AC Clamp MeterEX622 400A Dual Input AC Clamp MeterEX622Extech Instruments Corp.$209.991
EX623 400A Dual Input AC/DC Clamp MeterEX623 400A Dual Input AC/DC Clamp MeterEX623Extech Instruments Corp.$239.991
EX613 400A Dual Input AC/DC Clamp MeterEX613 400A Dual Input AC/DC Clamp MeterEX613Extech Instruments Corp.$189.991
MA620 600A True RMS AC Clamp MeterMA620 600A True RMS AC Clamp MeterMA620Extech Instruments Corp.$129.991
MA410 400A AC Clamp MeterMA410 400A AC Clamp MeterMA410Extech Instruments Corp.$104.991
MA120 AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter/Volatge DetectorMA120 AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter/Volatge DetectorMA120Extech Instruments Corp.$84.991
380950 80A Mini AC/DC Clamp Meter380950 80A Mini AC/DC Clamp Meter380950Extech Instruments Corp.$149.991
AM300 300A AC Analog Clamp MeterAM300 300A AC Analog Clamp MeterAM300Extech Instruments Corp.$119.991
380940 400A True RMS AC/DC Watt Clamp-on380940 400A True RMS AC/DC Watt Clamp-on380940Extech Instruments Corp.$339.991
TightSight 1000A TRMS Clamp MeterTightSight 1000A TRMS Clamp Meter61-773Ideal Industries, Inc.$367.631
Clamp Pro 600A Clamp MeterClamp Pro 600A Clamp Meter61-744Ideal Industries, Inc.$114.871
TightSight 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter with TRMSTightSight 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter with TRMS61-775Ideal Industries, Inc.$451.371
TightSight 660 AAC Clamp Meter with TRMSTightSight 660 AAC Clamp Meter with TRMS61-763Ideal Industries, Inc.$262.601
TightSight TRMS 660A AC/DC Clamp MeterTightSight TRMS 660A AC/DC Clamp Meter61-765Ideal Industries, Inc.$328.701
Clamp-Pro True RMS 600A Clamp MeterClamp-Pro True RMS 600A Clamp Meter61-746Ideal Industries, Inc.$143.621
1000A AC Power Clamp Meter1000A AC Power Clamp Meter380976-KExtech Instruments Corp.$319.991
1000A AC Power Clamp Meter, NIST1000A AC Power Clamp Meter, NIST380976-K-NISTExtech Instruments Corp.$419.991

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