Cable Cutters

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Cable cutters designed for easy cutting of cables and wires. Our cable cutters are long lasting, durable professional tools feature comfort grips and ergonomic designs

 ImageProduct NameProduct CodeManufacturerPrice
35-781 Replacement Blades35-781 Replacement Blades35-781Ideal Industries, Inc.$37.731
31-053 Ratcheting Cable Cutter31-053 Ratcheting Cable Cutter35-053Ideal Industries, Inc.$446.501
35-057 Replacement Moveable Blade35-057 Replacement Moveable Blade35-057Ideal Industries, Inc.$130.681
45-123 T-Cutter Wire Cutter45-123 T-Cutter Wire Cutter45-123Ideal Industries, Inc.$18.531
35-052 Cable Cutter 2/035-052 Cable Cutter 2/035-052Ideal Industries, Inc.$36.001
45-260 T-Cutter Lite45-260 T-Cutter Lite45-260Ideal Industries, Inc.$25.601
35-056 400 MCM Ratcheting Cable Cutter35-056 400 MCM Ratcheting Cable Cutter35-056Ideal Industries, Inc.$287.171
35-3052 9.5 in. Cable Cutter35-3052 9.5 in. Cable Cutter35-3052Ideal Industries, Inc.$44.521
35-078 PowerBlade Drill Powered Cable Cutter35-078 PowerBlade Drill Powered Cable Cutter35-078Ideal Industries, Inc.$956.051
Ratchet Drive Cable Cutter 600 MCMRatchet Drive Cable Cutter 600 MCMCCR-600NSI Industries$331.521
NSi Ratchet Drive Cable Cutter 1000 MCMNSi Ratchet Drive Cable Cutter 1000 MCMCCR-556NSI Industries$774.751
Manual Cable Cutter 500 MCMManual Cable Cutter 500 MCMCCM-500NSI Industries$245.021
Manual Cable Cutter 350 MCMManual Cable Cutter 350 MCMCCM-350NSI Industries$123.281
Cable Cutter 500 MCM Replacement BladesCable Cutter 500 MCM Replacement BladesCCM-500 RBNSI Industries$82.381
Ratchet Drive Cable Cutter 1000 MCMRatchet Drive Cable Cutter 1000 MCMCCR-1000NSI Industries$805.121
NSi Ratchet Drive Cable Cutter 750 MCMNSi Ratchet Drive Cable Cutter 750 MCMCCR-750NSI Industries$598.971
Ratchet Drive Cable Cutter 750 MCM Replacement BladesRatchet Drive Cable Cutter 750 MCM Replacement BladesCCR-750 RBNSI Industries$136.251
Ratchet Drive Cable Cutter 1000 MCM Replacement BladesRatchet Drive Cable Cutter 1000 MCM Replacement BladesCCR-1000 RBNSI Industries$156.251
35-782 Sir Nickless Rotary Armored Cable Cutter35-782 Sir Nickless Rotary Armored Cable Cutter35-782Ideal Industries, Inc.$43.681
14 in. Arm Cable Cutter 250MCM14 in. Arm Cable Cutter 250MCM35-031Ideal Industries, Inc.$103.371
22 in. Arm Cable Cutter 5000MCM22 in. Arm Cable Cutter 5000MCM35-032Ideal Industries, Inc.$173.401
32 in. Arm Cable Cutter 100MCM32 in. Arm Cable Cutter 100MCM35-033Ideal Industries, Inc.$200.931

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