Analog Adapters

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 SPA-8000-G1 Analog Telephone AdapterSPA-8000-G1 Analog Telephone AdapterLinksys SPA-8000-G1LinksysCall For Price1
 SPA-3102-NA Phone Adapter and PSTN GatewaySPA-3102-NA Phone Adapter and PSTN GatewayLinksys SPA-3102-NALinksysCall For Price1
 SPA-2102-NA Phone AdapterSPA-2102-NA Phone AdapterLinksys SPA-2102-NALinksysCall For Price1
 PAP2T 2 Port VoIP FXS ATAPAP2T 2 Port VoIP FXS ATAPAP2T-NALinksysCall For Price1
1102-2FXS 2 Port FXS Gateway1102-2FXS 2 Port FXS GatewayMediatrix 1102-2FXSMediatrix Telecom$209.001
2102-B 2 Port Access Device2102-B 2 Port Access DeviceMediatrix 2102-BMediatrix Telecom$159.001
2102-S 2 Port Access Device2102-S 2 Port Access DeviceMediatrix 2102-SMediatrix Telecom$159.001
 4104 4-port VoIP Access Device4104 4-port VoIP Access DeviceMediatrix 4104 4-port VoIP Access DeviceMediatrix TelecomCall For Price1

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