High Intensity Discharge Lighting

Basic Facts
There are three primary types of HID lamps: metal halide, sodium, and mercury vapor. HID technology is very similar to fluorescent technology: an arc is established between two electrodes in a gas filled tube which causes a metallic vapor to produce radiant energy. The major difference is that HID lamps can produce visible light without any phosphors. In addition, the electrodes are only a few inches apart and the gases in the tube are highly pressurized. The arc acquires an extremely high temperature, causing metallic elements within the gas atmosphere to vaporize and release massive amounts of radiant energy.

Electrical Requirements
A ballast is required in order to operate the HID lamp. Unlike fluorescent lamps, the ballast must be specifically designed for the lamp type and wattage being used. Also, the lamps require a warm-up period to achieve full light output, and in some cases require several minutes before they can be re-ignited after they are shut off.

Metal Halide
Metal Halide lamps offer high efficacy, excellent color rendition, long service life, and good lumen maintenance. They are used often in outdoor applications and in commercial interiors.

High pressure sodium lamps are very energy efficient. Mercury and sodium vapors produce a yellow/orange light with extremely good lumens per watt performance. Although they tend to render colors poorly they have an exceptionally long service life, (up to 40,000 hours).

Mercury Vapor
Mercury vapor is the oldest HID technology. The light within the arc is bluish making it poor for rendering colors accurately. Because of this, a phosphor coating is sometimes applied to alter the color temperature and to improve color rendering.

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